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Faculty of Agriculture Lecturers and Research Team, awarded prizes in the 44th International Exhibition and Invention of Geneva

CMU’s Associate Professor Dr. Soraya Ruamrungsri, Assistant Professor Dr. Angsana Akarapisan, Dr. Chaiartiid Inkham, Ms. Rumjuan Kijkar, Mr. Chokechai Ratanaburi and Mr. Prasong Yorapatra, Lecturers and Researchers from the Faculty of Agriculture, have been awarded two prizes in the 44th International Exhibition and Invention at Geneva, Switzerland, during April 13-17, 2016, for their research outcome on “New Varieties of Amaryllis, Including Bio products for Growth Promoting and Resistance to Soil-borne Diseases” in collaboration with H.M. The King’s Initiative Center for Flower and Fruit Propagation and Kebol B.V. Co., Ltd., Netherlands. This research has been awarded a “Special Award” from the Association of Polish Inventors and Rationalizers and a “Bronze Medal” from the Organization Committee, where 600 research outcomes where presented from 40 countries.

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